Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday is Advice Day!!

Welcome to Friday, the day where we tell you what you need to do to fix your life, because apparently a lot of you out there can't seem to handle it on your own.

As always, you can send us in your question to by Wednesday evening, and if they are interesting, or they are the kind of questions that let us tell you what to do, we will put hands to keyboard and answer your stuff. We try our best to help you out, but of course, some people are just beyond help.

Just Kidding.

Anyhow, let's see what the first question brings.

Dear Betties;

Why are you all such bitches? Your answers to one of the questions last week made me wonder if you aren't all man hating femanazi lesbians. What gives you the right to be so nasty to someone writing in asking for help? I bet you all tell your wimpy husbands what to do too, don't you?

Disgusted by Bitchy Betties.

Pina says:

Dear disgusting...I mean disgusted. I'm not even going to justify your ridiculous question with an answer, but I will give you some quick advice: This is the Internet. It is free, and everyone who uses it to write or post their art has the right to do in whatever way they feel. Nobody is telling you to read, nor are we even asking you to read. The fact that you bothered to write in tells me that you probably have very little going on in your own life if you are so disturbed by our little blog. If you don't like our advice, I'm sure we can make it along without your readership.
How's that for bitchy? Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Dear Digested,
Why do you write the question anonymously....You called me out the day the original blog posted and I blogged about it the next day....If this isnt Hottie Husband asking the question, then thanks for reading and submitting a question! Im not sure what "femanazi lesbians" are and although allegedly there is some German in my blood line, I claim to be Italian and, whats wrong with being a lesbian? One would think you have much in common with one? This in fact is assuming again that you are my husband or one of his Bromancers submitting the question! Also I must say...despite Pinas submission that we would get along well with out your readership....I like the hot drama you bring to the page! NO PUBLICITY IS BAD PUBLICITY....Bite my Lesbian/Gay Loving Ass! In Hunkas defense, I dont think he would Dis a Lesbian after all they enjoy the same cuisine...assuming again that it is a dis or that being femanazi is not complimentary! So, Im pretty sure he didn't submit this question!

~The Bitchy Muffin!

Twills says:

Dear Disgusted,

If I wanted to be verbally abused, I'd go call my mother. I'm trying to remain zen-like, but you're making it extremely hard for me. All this world needs is a little more love and acceptance. I accept your right to be a nasty bitch, and I'd really love it if you were to accept mine.

Love your friend Twills

Dear Betties;

My husband and I have been married for 11 years now, and at the start of our marriage it was sex sex sex. Morning noon and night.
Now, despite my best efforts to get his attention for a little love, he either says he's too busy with work, or we end up in the bed for a two minute hump, bump and grunt. I've tried everything!! Sexy lingerie, romantic candle lit dinners and...nothing.Last night I made one final suggestion to try to spice our nearly dead love life - I suggested a threesome with another woman. I'm not bisexual, but I love my husband and I'm willing to do just about anything to get us back to the way we were 11 years ago. Am I crazy?


Trying to get my nookie back.

Pina says;

Dear Nookie;

I think you have given your husband a great suggestion to really sink his teeth into.
My only advice is be careful! You never know what could be the end result of this little menage a trois you have suggested. You don't want to pick some young hottie that will really get your husband going, because you do NOT want him to expect the little tart to share your bed all the time. As well, it's best if you have control over the experiment from start to finish because you don't want to end up being a spectator either. It would be great if you wrote back to let us know how your attempt at these daring sexcapades. Good Luck!

Muffin Says....Yup, Nookie... You're Crazy! Good Luck with that!

~Not going to Happen w/ Muffins Hunka!

Twills says:

Dear Nookie,

I assume you've run out of batteries as well, and they've stopped selling them in your town? Also that you no longer have any manual dexterity? Hmmm... That's what I thought. A woman has to learn how to take care of herself first! If your physical needs are being met, it will make meeting your emotional needs easier. Lack of orgasm can make any woman turn into a raging, hormonal psycho. Seriously. Give it a try.

Well there you are folks, another enlightening question and answer session with your favourite answer chicks, The Betties.

Feel free to send us YOUR questions, no later than Wednesday night, in we will keep your identity secret (that is if you use your real name) at

Until then.......have a great week!


The Betties


  1. I think disgusted is right. There was lots you probably didn't know about when you answered the letter from the women who think's her husband is cheating on her just cuz he played on the computer a lot, but you think you know all the answers and are so smart to give advise to the woman. I don't even think her husband was doing anything wrong. Maybe you should find jobs or something instead of dishing out you're bitchy advise.

  2. Dear Anonymous, You very well may be right about what we dont know, but what we did know was what she told us...Are you the shedevil she assumes her husband is cheating with? I should find a job....Oh Look Youre right on Two counts! Thanks so much for logging in and leaving feedback! Visit and comment often!

  3. dear anonymous - free advice is worth what you pay for it, right so if you don't like it, leave it. easy peasy lemon squeezy. don't be such a hatah. (and yes, i could spell it right but then you wouldn't get my bitchy southern drawl)

    advice is usually what someone asks for when they know the right answer to the question but do not want to accept it - so they ask around until they find an answer they do like and use that one.

    now, ms. lack-a-nookie - never invite another woman in your bed unless you want her there for you. if that's the case, then rock on. otherwise you're just asking to get burned. i think you just need to do some 'planin' to little ricky there - put up or you're movin' on to someone that will plow the field.

  4. What's this! Betty-Haters in the midst?! This cannot be!!

    Look, people. Just because someone asks for advice doesn't mean they're obligated to take it. Just like nobody reading this blog is obliged to agree with anything being said. It is an opinion, not a decree! If people were smart enough (or maybe mature enough) to figure things out on their own, they probably wouldn't need to go around asking people on the internet for advice in the first place!

    Betties Rule.

  5. Muah! Smacka's! Smooches! Smoochies.....Thats righttttttttt! Hollaaaaaaaa! Hands in the air...We R the Betties! Can I get a Haillll to the Yeah???????

  6. Why is it that every time one human being disagrees with the opinion of another human being, they must make personal insults in order to prove their point? Anonymous, you have the right to disagree with us and to make that fact known. What you don't have the right to do is to disrespect us in our own space and try to make us each feel like less of a person. You are entitled to give your opinion just as we are entitled to give ours, but it is your method that I dislike.

    Us Betties respect each and every one of our followers, readers, commentators, and advisees. We value your input, and even more so we value your right to give it freely. Again, if I had wanted to be verbally abused, I would have called my mother. Thank you.

  7. Twills do you think your mom will want to verbally abuse me?

  8. You so don't want to go there.

  9. Wow! Did anonymous read the same letter I did? I don't recall her stating that her husband was cheating. Just that the sex has died and if having another woman involved was something she should try. To this I would agree with Char, not the thing to do. My only conclusion for anonymous is maybe they were cheated on and this sparked a very bad memorie ( i can't spell)

    Muffin, I did read your last blog at 1:30am and forgot to comment. Soory. I myself did not know about hottie! And I did!( Quit ) Love U

  10. I'm pretty sure that anonymous was referring to last week's entry, though his or her disdain has been building from a certain point. Yet anonymous still continues to drop by, nonetheless.

    Thanks Barbie!

  11. Damn. You guys are so good you're already getting hate mail. Smootches!

  12. Barb you werent the sister I was talking about quitting smoking....But Good For YOU!
    Anonymous is obviously jealous of the Betties Awesomeness and wants to be a Bettie too!

    Girl you better go comment that shizzzzzzzz! XO!

    T- I know right?!

  13. They hate us. They really, really hate us.

  14. That's cool with me. It means people are reading, right?

  15. Apparently I have missed all the fun~ Hate mail so soon! Excellent!!!!~ you are doing something right!! Some famous person along the way said any publicity, be it good or bad is good publicity and they will take the publicity any way they can get it!!! Sooo.... Jugs up ladies!! I salute you!! JOB WELL DONE.... I LOVE THE BITCHY BETTIES..

    P.S. I NOW I NEED TO QUIT~ and Congrats Barb for " officially " quiting.. MUAH XOXOXOX

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Crap, wrong entry. Anyway, I think the latter question is from some FLDS cult.


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