Friday, February 12, 2010

Pina's Puffs

Ok folks.

I'm not one to pimp much (good readers and good photographers aside)but this requires as much pimping as humanly possible. It is quite possibly THE greatest invention in the world, and you are all going to be wanting to go and pull out your visa cards to order it.

Watch the video, and see if I'm not right!
(It is safe for work)

Was I right or was I right?

This thing is the shit!

My favourite part is the flipping sticks. Tell me those aren't fancy!!

And...the flavour injector.

The last version of this infomercial featured the flavour injector, but suggested you could use it for hot meat filling...making it...that's right, the Hot Meat Injector.

I guess the CRTC made them change it.

I'm not sure what kind of hot meat filling there is that would go well inside a pancake, or any other ball for that matter, but apparently the makers of this amazing invention would not be dissuaded and put in what is basically an icing decorator and called it something else.


I was blown away by this invention, wishing that I had thought of something so cool and fun. This is right up there with Spray on Hair, the Flowbee and lately..the Sham Wow! and The Snuggie.

These people that invent these things must sleep less than I do, because no one who was conscious and aware would ever invent some of these things, they are just way too weird.

But, obviously there is money to be made here, because Ron Popeil (inventor of both the Flowbee and Spray on Hair) is a millionaire many times over. He has imagination to spare, as well as being a marketing genius. He was one of the first infomercial guys, and it has paid off. It is a family affair now as his latest infomercial features his two daughters as well (acting like they are models on The Price is Right)

Anyhow, back to the Pancake Puff Maker. View the video a couple times and I am sure you will be sold like I was.

(Mine should be here in 6 to 8 weeks!!)

*Please note that I have liberally used my sarcasm font in this blog. All for the part except me ordering my own. THAT shit is the truth!



  1. You're not fooling me. You were fascinated by the possibility of a 'Hot Meat Injector'.


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