Monday, February 1, 2010

I have some very strange phobias. I try not to tell people about them because I usually get laughed at.

But since this is a new blog, I can let out the secrets before the crowds get here.

I am afraid of Nuns. Good thing I'm not Catholic.

I know silly, haha.


I am terrified of earwigs. Go Google and see if you think it's funny to be afeared of a bug that crawls into your ear to live. That's right, tough guy, right in your ear, which opens into your brain at some point.

Now this one I can see perhaps a little tiny bit why you might find this one funny- I am palm sweating, heart racing, stomach flip flopping afraid of mascots.

Go ahead I'll give you a second to laugh.

OK, finished yet, asshats? I don't know why I'm afraid of them, but I think it might have something to do with a trip to Disneyland, a picture with Goofy whilst his big freaky gloved hand strayed down towards my right tit. There is a picture of me being felt up by Goofy. Sixteen Candles, anyone?

So fine, it's a ridiculous phobia. And you all got to have a good laugh at my expense. But you have to admit that people who dress up in costumes like that for a job are weird. The San Diego Chicken horrifies me. Anything with a big head *shudders* or fluffy bodies or gloved over-sized gloved hands.

So imagine my utter terror and the massive anxiety attack I had when I learned about a group of people who dress up in animal costumes for sexual purposes. *gulp*

They are called Plushophilies or "Plushies" or in some cases "Furries."

The wiki entry says "Pornography and sexual activity involving animal anthropomorphism (including plushophilia and paraphilias involving fursuits and cartoon animals) is known in the furry fandom community as "yiff" (and sexual acts as "yiffing"). Enthusiasts of furry-themed sexuality may also be referred to as "furverts".

These people don't dress up in their jobs, or sitting at home watching "Dexter". No. These people have special parties, and conventions, and sex parties.

This is how they gratify themselves ......sexually.

One has a web page. "FoxWolfie Galen's Plushie Page"

I couldn't bring myself to read it.

They have their own words for sex. Yiffing. Sounds appropriate to me, because that's the sound my cat makes whilst yakking up a hairball.

I have heard the word "skrtching" to mean foreplay.

Far be it from me to judge. and there are some way worse fetishes out there that hurt people or God forbid children, but I don't want to know much more about the practice, because I have a really hard time imagining that this is sexually stimulating. I find it creepy as hell.

Did you look at the pictures?



  1. there was an episode of CSI that centered around a "Plushie" conference in Las Vegas, it was very disturbing!

  2. I saw that through my fingers. Ick.

  3. EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! These people are fucked up. I am usually open-minded and very non-prudish... but EW!!!! I think if you have kids who own actual "plushies", it's even grosser!

  4. OMG!Who decided to start the Group is what I want to know? Was it like hey baby I really dig dressing up like Elmo....I wonder if there are any other tickle me's out there!?
    Ad on Craigslist?
    Man Seeking Woman to dress up like a Squirrel so that I can have relations with her while she eats a can of Planters Nuts? Woman Seeking
    Man dressed as the Planters Peanut so that while I am dressed like a furry Squirrel you can bust a nut?
    I bet the email would be on overload!
    FREAKS! and PS thanks for my new Phobia!

  5. Oh jesus the last one is the damn Easter Bunny!

  6. OMG!!! Didn't know anything about these weirdo's at all. Disturbing is putting it mildly.


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