Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Q and A Friday, folks!!

Hey there loyal and new readers! It's Friday, one of the Bettie's favourite day, as you write to us with a question about your life (ALWAYS anonymous), and we get to tell you what to do.Questions are sent to by Wednesday night, and we will get out our advice paraphernalia and crystal love balls and give it our best shot- Bettie style.

Question one:

Dear Betties,

I have a problem that I think I may have caused myself, and I'm wondering if you can help me. A while ago, a friend that I have (we're sort of friends with benefits-if you know what I mean) had just got himself a brand spanking new TV. I asked him what he was doing with his old TV (a nice 32' flat screen) and he said, "Nothing. You want it?) Did I want a free flat screen TV? Oh Hell yeah I did! We went on about our night together which ended with us sleeping together. This was not new, we had been sleeping together on and off for two and a half years.
When I woke up the next morning and loaded my great new TV into my car, I began to wonder to myself.

Was I a Whore?

I had just slept with someone and had received what could be thought of as payment in my great new TV. I wondered if that was different from taking money, or was it just a great deal that got me laid (which I liked) and a new TV came that came that my way.

What do you say Betties? Am I a hooker? Did I just turn a trick, or did I just get a TV from a friend? Please help, I'm feeling so confused.


Hooker? or Friends with Benefits?

Twills Says,

Hooker, please.  Why are people constantly asking The Betties if they're promiscuous?  It's not as if it's a problem.  Total non-issue for me.  I don't necessarily think you're a prostitute, you're just a slut.  That said, you might as well get paid for it since you were going to hand that poon out all over town anyway.  Just spread your sleaze and not the disease.  You might as well buy the wholesale box of condoms, because I feel sure that you will need them.

That's all,



Pina says;

Twills and I are on the same page here, too.I don't think you are a hooker, but it does seem kinda cheap to have sex and get presents out of it. Then again, hell, if someone wants to give you a swanky new TV and it's two consenting adults, then you go big, sister! Betties love presents, and obviously you are good at the art of love. Take the TV and enjoy!

Until next week, everyone.  Betties out.


  1. Due to an overwhelming request for my attention in the employed sector this early morning, I did not add my answer....I say No you're not a Hooker....Not in the Literal Sense , But that doesn't mean you're not my Hooker! Muah!

  2. Dear Betties,

    How can I get a flat-screen TV as payment for sex? (And to think, I've been giving it away for free all these years.)

    Overdue For A Raise

  3. Well, Lou... if the slooker shows up, she might give you her digits. Maybe she's interested in paying it forward?

  4. Women have been getting paid one way or another for sex for centuries! this is nothing new~

    As a married housewife~
    you stay home all day and get poked by your husbands prick and poof~ wake up and take the honey's weekly check to the bank and deposit it in your joint can check off paid for sex!

    Your in a committed relationship but he hasn't put a ring on live in separate home~
    He picks you up in his ride~ he buys you dinner and you bounce on his joy stick on the way home....
    Check off paid for sex~ your meal ticket baby

    Enjoy it~ Don't think so much about it THE REST OF SOCIETY DOES NOT

  5. I smell a guest blog in the works...

  6. Well said Teek...two thumbs up and a knuckle touch!

  7. Oh My....I haven't ever called it a Joy Stick...

  8. I smell Sex and Candy....Just Saying

  9. "Skank" is not a word I have heard since Jr. High.....Interesting

  10. Probably like Axe body spray or Avon.


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