Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ms. Twills If You're Nasty

The Betties have been called "FemiNazi Lezbots" before.  Shocking, I know.  Offensive?  Not really.  The word "Nazi" is offensive, but by it's definition The Betties are in no way affiliated with Nazi principles, obviously, so I really wouldn't take offense to anything so blatantly untrue. 

Lezbots.  Well, that's a different one.  Lesbian + Robot = Lezbot, is that what we're aiming at?  To call someone a lesbian, or to deny that oneself is a lesbian implies that there is something wrong with being a lesbian.  Therefore, I will not even justify this "insult" by refuting it.  The Betties love them some gays, let me tell you.

Feminist.  Now that's a word I can get into.  Yes, readers.  I do self-describe as a feminist; and why not?  Just because I care deeply about the rights of women (and by extension, children) around the world does not mean that I fit into the stereotypical feminist role.

For instance, you will never catch me with hairy armpits or wearing a lumberjack coat.  I like to use words like hooker, slut, bitch and whore and though I realise how damaging words and labels like this are, I'm not so strict as to discontinue them in my vocabulary when saying them gives me such pleasure.  Bitches.  See?  It rolls off the tongue so nicely.  (Though if you want to talk to me about your period I will cut a bitch down, okay?  Just sayin'.)

Ever since I was a very young child, I have used the title "Ms." instead of "Miss". My mother was dead set against it and tried to discourage me.  She always said that the title "Ms." was for divorced women.  It was said mildly yet firmly, but what it really meant was, "The title 'Ms.' is for divorced women, and divorced women have loose morals so I don't want you to be associated with them."  And damn, wasn't she right?  When she became a divorced woman twenty years later she did become a woman with loose morals!  The irony!  (And it was about time, quite frankly!)

Ms. Twills if you're nasty.  One of my own personal theme songs.  How much better would this have been if Janet had said "Ms." instead of "Miss"?  Gyrating and sexuality included.  *nods*

That's all,




  1. I love this post. I may have to steal a few quotes some day. I agree with you on all of it. Femnazi is something I've never heard before, is that bad? I often get 'bitch', or as Kurt likes to call me, 'the dragon'. As in, "Be quiet kids, stop fighting, pick up your stuff; you don't want to wake the dragon." Silly man, he doesn't realize the dragon is reserved strictly for his bullshit alone. The kids see the bitch on occasion.

    Nice post Ms. Twills. I loved that song, btw. Janet used to be so cool.

  2. I call The Dilf "The Dragon" to the kids and tell them not to wake the dragon, but that's because he's a crusty bitch when he gets woken up abruptly.

    Janet. *sigh* If only Justin Timberlake hadn't sold you and your nipples out.

  3. It was Rush Limbaugh that first used the term "Feminazi" in reference to Camille Paglia.
    He is an overweight drug addict, but she is the evil one for having a strong opinion about women, men and sex.
    Shit, that's sure a tough choice to pick one of them as a spokesperson for MY ideals.

    Great blog by the way!

  4. I just remembered that song where Janet said, "Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight". Yes, Janet. I guess you're going to have to.


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