Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I love me, and Now you can love me too...

So I had a comment from an "unnamed source" mention that I might be slightly egotistical. I don't disagree! Well wait...I do actually disagree a little....I'm actually a lot egotistical! I don't see anything wrong with thinking my shit doesn't stink....Ive actually smelt it, and I maintain that my shit doesn't stink! So anyway, Its been a while since I gave a how to love yourself seminar and why its important! I dont charge for this good common sense shit either so if you take nothing from this thats useful, then you suck. Dont ask for a refund! This is my blogger profile, as you can see I am lickable! That's Hunka wanting to lick me! Hunka is one of the reasons I am so damn egotistical! This man Loves My Fricken Guts! He loves me more then my kids, and more then my parents! Its actually quite sick how much he does love me! He loves me so much that there are days he is so paralyzed by my awesomeness, that he just stares at me with this washed over blank stare! Those are the days that I'm at my most egotistical best! Those are also the days any other man or beast would run screaming for the hills! Ok Ok Ok....So on with it!

Simply Put I believe: If you aren't happy, that's your own fault! I spent many years not happy. When it came right down to it, I decided to change! So...suggestion 1: decide right now that you are going to be happy! Its really easy!

Happy is not a given and doesn't happen 24/7! Suggestion 2: Don't dream so big you cant realize it...Set obtainable Happy goals! For each shitty thing that happens in a day or along the way find a more positive outlook on it....example: I was having a beer with my Bestie's and Was WAY bragging to a friend in another state via a phone call that the temperature, the sunset, the Beer, and company were perfect.....Just at the time he was preparing for a long night shift on the job....I was happy! As Karma would have it...for bragging that is....A Seagull Shit on me! For the record....seagull shit smells like rotten fish, further proof that my own shit does not stink!......Ackkkkkk!!! Did I let that ruin my evening? No, because even though I was Bragging and Karma was Karma~ing... Being Shit on by a bird is good luck!
And knowing I was shit on for bragging, I took the high road, I told my friend that I was bragging to ...that a Gull had Just shit on me....his reply: Ha! Karma, Bitch! Me Being Shit on~ also made him Happy....I do enjoy bringing happiness to those around me! I simply refused to have a shitty evening...Pun intended!

I spend several days a month reassessing if I'm still happy and I spend a few minutes each day deciding how I can and will be happier in the future. You too can do this!
Final Suggestion: Just Stay Positive! Stop Bitching! Suck it up and take your Lumps, You'll be happier for it!
Its easier then you think to find a positive prospective/perspective...If you are a pessimistic person then you choose to be negative! Don't tell me that you choose this so you aren't disappointed in the long run...Thats a Load of Gull Shit my friend...Cuz Im not disappointed in the long run either! Im Happy and I know it and my life it surely shows it, and you can be happy too ....Just make the decision and Clap you Hands!

There is a pondering on my blogger profile that says:
"If you had only one wish to grant for one person who would it be for and what would you grant them...." This question was posed to me in 2004....I answered ...If I could grant one wish for one person, it would be for me and I would be happy.... With a Red marker, mark Happy as DONE!

Good Luck and Be Happy!


  1. Thank you readers from Facebook that are commenting on my profile! I would really like it if you commented here as well...the "comment as:" below is a drop down, click anonymous and then you dont have to sign in or fill out anything....Or fill out the stuff and follow the blog! Thanks!!

  2. i love the blog karma baby

  3. This blog was full of "shit". But with a title like "Why I love me,..." I was actually expecting to see more "ass", "fuck", and "dildo", and maybe a "teabag" or two. I guess that makes me a pessimist or a pervert. Maybe both. It does make me consider writing a counter blog: "Why I hate myself, but you fuckers can't!"

    It's just a typical coming-of-age, boy-meets-girl, spit-in-your-face love story.

  4. And the Positive side to all that coming of age "shit" is you just got through your writers block! Ass, Fuck, and Dildo will now be in the blog hopper! thanks for the suggestions! This was very productive! I feel really really good about it!

  5. I think the Karma Baby Comment may be Gary! and Yes it was Karma! Then and still! Thanks for checking in!

  6. Everybody loves a good ass, fuck and dildo. Wait. They don't necessarily have to go together like that if you're a prude. But if you're a prude, why are you here? Beat it!

  7. lol! No Prudes only rudes!All are welcome!

  8. Muffin respectfully asks that the Bettie's remove all her blogs! Its unfortunate that you all aren't grown enough to allow someone to disagree!


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