Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why People Suck

Do you really, really want to know why people suck?  People suck because they never know what day of the week it is.  Certain people even forget to put the kids' karate belts in their backpacks before school, because they don't even realise that it's Wednesday.  Some people suck so hard that they don't post blogs in the morning because they think it's Tuesday again.  That is how much people suck.  So you tell me.  Why do people suck, for you, today?

This is Twills*.  Rollin' in her Mom-mobile, pretending like she knew it was Wednesday all along and that she was totally prepared.  Frontin' like Dilf didn't just buy her a minivan yesterday and that's why she wrote that post last week. 

*People who talk about themselves in the third person suck donkey chocha.  Yes.  Chocha.  Heh.


  1. Is it Pronounced Choka or Ch as in Church?
    People who dont complete all the spaces when the instructions say complete all the spaces, they suck Donkey Choka/Cha! People who think What they say and what they mean can be two different things...and usually do this mid they were "wrong" arguement i might add... when in all actually by definition of what they say and then BACKPEDDLE to What they Mean (which from experience dont even come close be being in the same realm let a lone neighborhood) and then THINK I OR YOU should have interpreted their exact words to make them to make them look less douche-like They suck Donkey Choka/Cha Big time....and finally people who criticize others, when they are far from clean, cute, skinny, perfect....They suck a monkey nut big time! Man that felt good!

  2. I was so passionate up there I stuttered!

  3. People who open their mouths and speak and never remember what they say, then try to tell you they didn't say it, or that I misunderstood what they said....NO I DID NOT!!!!YOU IDIOT~

    Hello~ My hearing is perfect!! No aide needed. and furthermore~I am educated in the meaning of the English language of which you speak and if I need clarification I will get a Webster out!!!

  4. Republicans suck....Just sayin'

  5. People that don't get the hell out of my way when I'm driving suck.

  6. Ok New Grrr for Wednesday! I hate people who do not answer your questions when you ask, but do so in a way that they want to pretend they are answering!
    Say Whattttttttttt?


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