Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why People Suck: Wednesdays

I'm sure you all have people like this friended on Facebook.  Breeders.  People who have albums upon albums full of pictures of their kids.  I know I do; I'm guilty of this myself.  However, I also have a few friends/distant relatives that are caption-happy.

Not only do they have hundreds of pictures of their baby, they like to write captions under them, too.  Not only do they write captions like, "This one was taken at Grandma's house", they like to write captions from the baby's point of view.  Things like, "I am loving being at Grandma's house right now!"  Or, "Here I am looking cute in my new shirt!".

Ugh.  Stop.  Now.

It's all just a little too twee.  If they were writing captions like, "Fuck this shit", "Get me the fuck away from these assholes", "Want BOOB!!!!", or the ever popular "I'm about to shit myself", it might actually be accurate.  Babies do not currently have a point of view!  Sooner or later, they will have a one and when they do I hope it's to rail against your fuckery!  At which point do these people come to the realisation that their cooing through the bars of the crib actually mirrors a bystander looking through the bars on the windows of an insane asylum, watching a patient? There is a very, very fine line between cutesy and lunacy.

People who narrate their baby pictures.  They suck.  Since it is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays we tell the truth:  Why do people suck?

That's all,




  1. You used the word twee. And you used it correctly. For this, my next child's photo album is yours.

  2. I would totally love that. And the word "twee" is underused, I've been compensating by using it everywhere recently.

    I forgot to change the title. Heh. I didn't mean that I was going to write about why people suck draft beer... but maybe some other time.

  3. you guys should get a "like" button.

  4. We really need one.

    -Twills, who is as usual too lazy to sign in-

  5. Everyone likes us anyhow. Why do we need a button?

  6. So that you can know that we like your posts with out having to comment.

  7. Yeah, cuz commenting is for losers! Who has time to say stuff anyway? Let the bloggers waste their time writing a bunch of stuff for us. I just want to read over it quickly and be entertained without having to reciprocate. In fact, it would just be better if the blog would just show the people who view the page so I wouldn't even have to bother with clicking a button, either.
    /sarcastic snark

    Ok, seriously. Who let that person in here? Is it really too much to ask for a minute to write something back when most people who spend a couple hours giving you something to read ask for so little in return? (And apparently, the answer is Yes. Whatever.)

  8. Thanks, Jacob.
    Your comments are always appreciated, and never go unnoticed.
    Thank you for reading and commenting.

    To anonymous, you went out of your way to make yourself anonymous instead of just saying I like this blog. That's too much effort though I guess.

  9. Louminator is the best; always has been. ;)

    And come on, anonymous, show us some love. We hadn't been writing Anonymous Monday because we'd assumed that no one liked it since they didn't comment often. It's disheartening to write into an empty void of cyberspace. We love the comments, even if they're the trolls who call us twats or say that we suck.

  10. I love this blog. It is the only one I read. And I do comment more than not. There are just some days when I get a chance to read it that I get interrupted by my kids and I would like to show my support by a quick click and then if I have a chance come back and leave my comment later. More so it was a ment to be a facebook joke in reference to Twills post about Why People Suck Wednesday . It was about people on facebook that feel then need to comment on all of there kids pics. Sorry to Pina and Twills, I love blog and sorry if I have offended you.

  11. You didn't offend them. They're just dogpiling on you because it's fun. :)

  12. We're not offended at all. It takes a lot to offend a Betty. Remember, we get hate mail and disrespectful comments all the time and our egos are so huge that they really don't affect us. Don't you prefer your Betties with attitude? I sure do.

  13. The more the better. What I want to know is who could hate the Betties?

  14. That's a good question. Only someones who are themselves entirely tiresome, I suspect.


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