Thursday, April 8, 2010

Betties Blender~Its a Mixed up Martini World

In honor of Thursday I the Muffin declare it Thirsty Thursday! If that aint FEM enough then Put on Your Pearls Betties, Im feeling the cocktail hour is among us!
Its Five O'clock Somewhere:

thirst·y (thûrst)
adj. thirst·i·er, thirst·i·est
1. Desiring to drink.
2. Arid; parched: thirsty fields.
3. Craving something: thirsty for news.
4. Very absorbent: a thirsty sponge.
thirsti·ly adv.
thirsti·ness n.

So whats this Thirsty Thursday Shizz all about? Its the Muffins gift to the Bettie's!
Again one of those "Hope You the Loyal Reader" are feeling the interactive call of a Blog that longs to know what you Thirst For! Its not a Gimmick....Its the Muffins Blog and very well may undergo several transformations in its rise to the top of the Blog Popularity Poll.....Oh Im talking about the which Bettie You Like Better...

No you don't have to send the requests for Thirsty Thursday to
But your ask the Bettie's advise questions are preferred there!

Examples of Thirst may include but are not limited to:

Cocktail Recipes:

2 Shots of Grey Goose Vodka (Or Cheaper Vodka if the economy has got ya down...)
2 Shots Vermouth (Optional if you just wanna Vodka it)

2 Spanish Queen Olives on a cute stir stick of some sort or not
(set aside for a hot effin second)
2 - 1/2 Tsp of Olive Juice
2 Martini Glasses (Or Red Solo Cups)
1 Bar Shaker `I have several so pick your favorite

The Vodka and Vermouth go in the shaker with a few chunks of ice: Shake or Schwirl* (*pronunciation after one) depending on your personal feeling about bruising the Vodka...if that's even possible...I actually get bruises from Vodka...So I shake the fucker!
Take one olive per glass and pour the Shaken Liquid of Love in equal parts over the olives in the Martini Glasses
Take the 1/2 tsp of Olive Juice and pour in each Glass of Liquid Love
Let it breath for a Hot Second and then drink ~Limit for the Muffin is 2!
Well it used to be, until the Pimentos which I described at the time in a very very whining voice as "palmettos", shot out my nose via the Liquid Love Induced Puking!
So just be careful....and: Know, that I will never eat Olives again!

Perhaps Your Thirst is for Knowledge: Topic suggestions are welcome in the comments and I'll do my best or another Bettie will, to answer or address your topic, perhaps even a loyal reader can chime in!

This Bettie's thirst changes very little though: I thirst for Coffee in the morning, and I am trying to become addicted to Water the rest of the day. I have stopped drinking beverages with Sugar....Alcohol sugar does not count! I hear that Once you start really drinking water your body craves it! I have a fear though about all that water! I am afraid my Body may retain it....I'll let you know how that goes!

So there you have it: my new Thirsty Thursday Post! That leaves Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday to fill....We are considering a Guest Bettie Post Day....Anyone wanna take a seat on the Bettie Blog Couch? Blog Guest Sign up as with everything we try to exploit: Can be left in the comments!

~XO MuFfIn OX~


  1. Vote Muffin and Leave your favorite Drink Recipe!

  2. Sorry, but I cannot vote on this one. That's like asking which of my testicles do I prefer (though in truth, I tend to favor the right one). I'm just not a one-Betty kind of guy.

    Oh, and I am all over that Blog couch, naked and eating chips. Cuz that's what I do.

  3. Im right Handed....Pick me! LOL! Thats cool! I think the other Betties know already that there are a few Loyals that wont vote because its silly to compete with each other! I on the other hand....Am In it for the Goat....You feel me?

  4. I am kinda confused as to who's idea it was to have a popularity contest on a blog page that totes 3 sometimes 4 writers. It leaves me wondering about the deep insecurity issues my betties may have, and just for the record I love the fact that this blog site boasts some seemingly SELF FULFILLED,STRONG WOMEN. I am hoping that the little popularity contest does not lead to one or more of my betties moving on to other places. I JUST GOT COMFY ON THIS COUCH DAMN IT~~~~~ I think ALL OF YOU ARE extremely mouthy and opinionated and down right funny....I think the ego's should be checked at the door here ladies.... Lets leave the cat fights to the Betty with the cat sanctuary~ I am sure she tries to escape that sound as often as possible...

    I will be honest and say I voted for Muffin cause she is family and family is FIRST....

    Now about a great drink.
    I make these taste things called SWEET TARTS
    1-1/2~Shot Di Saronno Amareto
    1-1/2~Shot Grey Goose Vodka
    heavy splash orange juice
    heavy splash sweet and sour mix
    medium splash grenadine

    Pour over ice and shake well and strain in a martini glass and garnish with a cherry....

    Yummy~ I might take up drinking in the afternoon....Cause its 5 o'clock somewhere.

    ~ teek

  5. Ya!!!!!!!!! A Muffin Vote! The Drink looks good too! And I dont necessarily Disagree with the Popularity Poll opinion you have either! I can tell you I did not post that Poll....and I do not agree with our loyals having to Vote...but since they are voting ...Well Im gonna Campaign!
    Bring on the Goats Baby! Drama Much?

  6. Putting up the question was simply a lark. We put the poll option in, and I wrote the first question. It was not, nor is it meant to be a popularity contest at all. Just some silly, mildly offensive questions. This question won't stay up long as it looks as though we have a clear winner already....Go Muff!
    All in good fun people.
    A true Bettie is NEVER insecure, but even a Bettie does enjoy having her ego stroked occasionally!!

  7. Well dont take it down now....Im not finished writing my acceptance speech...Im torn between thanking God and my Parents or giving all the props to the Social Networking Site aka FACEBOOK..... I also have Muffin Buttons on order.....Bumper Stickers, and I promise to make Medical Marijuana legal in all 50 states....Is it legal in Canada?

  8. Oh hell yeah it is legal. At least where I live, if you get caught with less than ounce, they usually just take it away. Not always, but a lot of the time.

  9. Thirst you say- well right now my thirst is great for.....A MILLER LITE. I've decided to take up drinking heavily as someone told me once that there are few situations in life that a beer cant help. I'm not sure how it will work out for me, but I'll give it a shot..ooh speaking of shots, I like em all, except whiskey, I can't shoot that shit. I think it is the smell I can't get past. Ooh, just the thought makes my mouth water. I love thirsty thursday-its always been that in my book and friday and saturday and sunday and sometimes monday and tuesday and wednesday. It just really depends.

  10. Of course your my favorite

  11. Onree: Theres a Girl Who Gets it!
    Anonymous: Your my favorite Anonymous too! Wink!

  12. Had the Sweet Tarts at a Cocktail party....Minus the Gray Goose Im allergic to vodka cuz I said I was, and they were the Shizzzzzzzz Nizzzzzzzzzzzzle


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