Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Friday, Minions,
Here I am, Pina.
There have been some questions that imply that I do not really exist, that I am a Betties alter ego, the one they can blame all their grammatical mistakes, bad punctuation, and low readership on.
So I am going to tell you a little bit about myself (not too much, because I've already had a stalker or two, and a lot of my life is none of your business, frankly.
Like our gorgeous Twills, I too am Canadian, but I'm on the other coast from her, over here a few hours north of Seattle. Twills is a little more snarky than me, and I tend to shoulder the majority of the sarcasm. I've always been sarcastic, and it's gotten to the point I have been sarcastic for so long that all my tones of voice sound the same- full of wit and sarcasm.
I am always honest, and what you see here on blogger or facebook is exactly what I am.
I've never told anyone I weigh 120. cause I don't.
I'm not going to tell you I model in my spare time, cause I don't.
I'm no MILF, like our Twills. (Mostly because my uterus is moving around like a tumbleweed in there) but also because Twills is hot enough to get assaulted by old men wielding meat, where as I get pinched on the ass on the crowded train.
I think I have a good sense of humour, and so do the two or three friends I have.
I live alone with my three cats (go ahead, asshat, make the little old lady with too many cats jokes)
I have three blog sites, some that are family safe, some that are a little more raunchy, and some of them are artistic and creative. At least I hope they are. I have been blogging here and on myspace for well over 4 years now, and while I have been slow to add a lot to this page, I will be making a better effort to post more often.
I think that's a fair introduction to me, and it fits in with this week's theme:
Instead of having us answer a question that someone mailed into us at, we are going to allow you, our readers, the chance to ask us anything you want. If you feel shy, go ahead and be anonymous. We will do our best to answer every question, but try to be relatively clean, OK folks? You're not going to find out id the curtains match the carpet if you ask me.
Let's just try and have some fun, and you can get to know Twills and I better, making you more informed Betties minions.
Go ahead- give us your best.

The Betties
XOXOX(Questions only, NO touching)


  1. Ha! So there IS carpet underneath the drapes! Awesome. That's all I needed to know. Now to board the next train with a package of frozen meat to get Snarky and Sarcastic in one shot. Oh, Canada! You will never be the same again.

  2. Oh you are such a wonderful pervert!

  3. I have a question that is probably more for Twills since it is a local issue. But I welcome any suggestions. So, remember Weird, pervert, big glasses guy that sits on the sidewalk to watch me mow the lawn? Yeah, well before that I'd never really seen him on my street, just 'around'. I see him several times every day now. Standing on the spot in front of my house. If I go outside, he waves and moves along. If I don't, he stands for a while and I yell profanities from the neighbors' yard. What? I do that often. People think my neighbors are assholes and I look nice in comparison.

    Anyway today I shooed him like you would a dog. I was like "Go on! Git! Go home! Git! Fuck off." He waved, goofy smile and then moved along.

    How do I get rid of this guy? Twills, perhaps you could throw on some heels, one of your ass baring skirts and cut your grass. Then maybe he'll divide his time between our houses.

  4. I cut my grass today wearing tiny shorts a giant floppy hat with a wife beater on and he didn't show up. It was my first time cutting the grass though, so he might now have been able to get there in time. Or maybe my pink rubber boots turned him off of the ensemble?

  5. So I have a question. Why do guys always have to make things about them? I was reading an article about women who have a hard time getting in the mood, and the question at the top of the page was, "Would you use a pill to ignite sexual desire?" I read it to my husband and tell him him that I would, the first words out of his mouth "well that makes me feal good about myself." When did it become about him? I think I'm taking one for the team here and he thinks it's him. No dear it's not you, it's working full time and having 3 kids that are killing any chance I have at getting in the mood. Am I wrong here?

  6. I'm so late here, but I've been out having fun. Guys make things about them because they are big babies and huge attention whores!!! God forbid you should ever even hint that his equipment and use of said equipment might be inadequate, even when that's not what you mean, at all! As far as igniting sexual desire, we will have to do a longer post for you about that. Perhaps on Friday. Care to write us a question to Or should I write it for you and just go with it?

  7. Have at it. I'm sure you will do a great job. Have you heard about the new gel you put in your arm pits.

  8. It's called Libi Gel. You put a pea size drop in your arm pit once a day. It's hormone-replacement therapy,and there is also a new pill called Filbanserin it is a non-hormonal treatmant. Both are still in clinical trials.

  9. That sounds promising. Hopefully it's available for when I need it later. ;) But not now, seeing as how I turned 30 and turned into a mess of lust-ridden hormones, lol.


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