Monday, May 17, 2010

Anonymous Monday

Monday, minions!  I'm way too chipper for a Monday.  It's almost as if I woke up and jumped out of bed like a poptart jumps out of a toaster.  Clearly there is something wrong with me!  Where is my bitch?

Let us make that the question of the day.  Where is your bitch and why didn't she show up?  

That's all,

The Betties

XOXO(enjoy the eye candy)


  1. Who knows. I called her a bitch.

  2. It's called sunshine. Bitch vanishes the first few nice days of Spring. Don't worry, she'll come back. Mine did as I cut the grass and freak boy that walks by every day decided to sit on the sidewalk and watch me. Seriously. Creepy.

  3. Was it that creepy bald dude with the giant glasses? Something blew out of the back of my truck once while I was driving on a country road and I didn't even stop to retrieve it because I had just passed him. What the eff was he doing out there? Creepy!

    Ooh, or do you mean the boy who is one half of what appears to be twins? He is SO annoying! I feel bad for snubbing him but if you say hello he won't leave you alone and he tries to hug. Gag! I can picture him watching you and it creeps me out too.

  4. They are twins, and no it wasn't them. I'd have told them to piss off and move along. Yeah, you can't say hello or you get the drooly hug.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed big glasses guy. **Shudders** Sat right down on the sidewalk. There's a bench over by the Trail sign, a frigging park, but does he sit there? No, on the sidewalk like the freak that he is. I totally promised myself that if he crossed the street he would be gored by a lawnmower. Not sure how that works, but I'd have made a good attempt.

  5. The big glasses guy is so creepy!!! I'd lawnmower him for sure. He even walks past our house all the time too. I don't know where the fuck he thinks he's going. At least "The Town Cyclist" is amusing, the other freaks are scary.

  6. Thanks for the pic. I was in a bitch but I fell some what better now.

  7. We're so glad we could be of service.

  8. You guys need to move to a bigger town with more interesting weirdos. Big glasses? Sits on curb? Please.

    That's a great picture of the guy collecting firewood. It's so authentic. I especially love that he took the trouble to shave his chest hair before heading out in the morning - that's big in post-apocalyptic/crazy homeless/wood-scavenging-guy circles. One word though: ticks. Something to think about. Tell his stylist.

  9. Less than 2000 people live here, so we're hurting pretty bad for weirdos. Not even a homeless person around, and the town drunk died a year or two ago and no one is up to his level quite yet.

    And what about that picture? All of our rednecks look like that when they're cutting wood out on the farm! Seriously.


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