Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Sucks Wednesday

I'm lazy this week, minions.  It's hot this morning, and I realise that there is nothing in this world that will turn your kids into raging assholes as much as babysitting another kid will do.  Two kids, four kids, six kids.... They're fine.  3, 5, or 7 kids will fight tooth and nail.  Why the heck is that?

My brain is not functioning properly this morning, though I am on cuteness overload from secretly listening to their conversations.  However, I'm like a fucking referee from UFC trying to keep my own two kids off of each other lest they should tear their cousin in half in order to secure his attention.

The baby is not included in this.  Apparently when you're under the age of five you don't count.  He is happy even though he's being deliberately excluded.  Then again, the big kids don't want to talk about boobs or re-enact scenes from Adventures in Babysitting.  Big kids also seem to know that you probably shouldn't draw both dicks and boobs on snowmen.  Oh, the glamourous life of a House Milf!

So I know what sucks this Wednesday.  Children SUCK the LIFE out of you!  Tell me something funny in the comments.  Make my day better!

That's all,




  1. Have another one of your own!

  2. It sucks when you don't know what day it is.

  3. You have one! Stop wishing babies on my poor abused uterus.

    I'm pretty sure that all people who don't work outside the home never know what day it is. I have an excuse. :P

  4. Oh, fuck! Watching comments between you two is almost as entertaining as blogs posted on the wrong day! I need some popcorn. Don't start making the babies until I get back!

  5. If there is any baby making going on up in here, we'll let you know. I want popcorn! We don't own a microwave because Dilf is convinced that they're unnatural and that they cook your stomach.

  6. What a surprise that DILF doesn't want one. He's a dumb ass.


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