Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twills' Homage to Bad Boys

What is it about men? Show me a fancy gentleman in an argyle sweater vest and I will scarcely check to see if he's cute or has junk in his trunk. Nice, safe boys? No fun. What I love is a bad boy.

It seems almost a given that I have either been with you or will have been into you if you share any one of the following attributes:

--You're in a band. Heck yes. A boy once told me that girls fall for guitarists all the time because they have hot licks and fast fingers. *nods*

--You've been given the gift of sarcasm. You are a smart ass. You have a dry sense of humour. You are witty and love to make fun of people in such a way as they don't necessarily understand that you're doing it. As long as you direct that at other people and not at me, you make me hot.  We have guys like that right here at One For the Road, and I'm sure they'll be joining us soon, in the comments. ;)

--You have tattoos. Hell, even if they're on your FACE. Even if they're stupid... It seems I will fall for you.

--Have you ever been to jail? That's hot.

--Are you punk as fuck? We can be punk as fuck together.

--Do you have a motorcycle?  Alternatively, do you drive a big old rusty farm truck?  Yes, I've fallen for that, too.  Both.

--Were you once a manwhore?  Do you think that a good idea for foreplay is to tell me details about other chicks that you've slept with?  Yeah, I think I've dated you too.

--You don't have a job?  That's okay, you can come live with me.

--Oh, but you still live with your parents?  Sure, we can make out in their basement!

--Do you commonly speak in Ebonics even though you white as Minute Rice?  Ima be up on yo ass.

--Why yes, I do like the occasional left-handed cigarette, thank you very much.

--You've got a fast car?  I've got a plan to get us out of here.

There is just something about a bad boy.  They're dangerous.  I don't want to save them, but I want them to have saved themselves.  Not to fix them because I think they're damaged; I don't want to apply myself to them like a poultice.  I love them for who they are:  dark, mysterious past included.  

Now tell me ladies, Dapper Dandy or Bad Boy, and why?

That's all,




  1. Ha! I resemble a couple of those. Or used to.
    I always liked the flip side in girls, too. Bad girls are smokin'.

  2. Always a sucker for the bad boy. I once broke it off with a perfectly nice guy to go out with a bad boy. Long hair, trench coat, Motorcycle and a big johnson (didn't make him a bad boy but it was a bonus). Turned out to be a complete ass. But the sex was worth it well it lasted.

  3. I'm not the only one! And T? How you doin'? ;)

  4. I love the bad boys too. You forgot one important thing though....TATS!!!!!

  5. I don't qualify for any of these prerequisites. That might explain why I'm always the guy without a girl, waiting outside the bar for my over-age buddies to come back with their hot and horny dates while I'm practicing how to smoke cigarettes.

  6. Pina, did you skim? Hence:

    "--You have tattoos. Hell, even if they're on your FACE. Even if they're stupid... It seems I will fall for you."

    Loum: You qualify for the sarcasm.

  7. Yeah, I know. That was sarcasm. (I'm so turning you on right now, aren't I?) ;)

  8. You made fun of me without me even knowing it! I think I'm smitten.


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