Monday, May 3, 2010

Anonymous Monday

Alright all you creepy stalkers. We see you hanging around our blog, poking at it with your wannabe witty comments yet for some reason you do not comment.
We have given you topics, we have given you free reign. Neither seems to draw you out with enough guts to comment.
No one forces you to come and read, and though we do write for ourselves, we post it to amuse or inform or entertain you, and yet again, we get no comments.

I see one reader who consistently comments, someone I don't know, perhaps a good friend of Twills, but I do not know Jacob. I wanted to thank him for his kind comments the other day, and that is what has given me an idea for the anonymous topic.

Why do you bother to read yet not comment?Is it simply more fun to read and just move on without even saying we suck? and if you do feel that way, why are you here at all?

Since you can be anonymous on this day, let's have it. Your love, your hate, whatever it is that keeps you stalking around this blog.


-Pina XOX (Get that hand away from me)


  1. I am new to blogs and just fould this one. I am a part of your Bettie Minion and I will try to comment as much as I can.

  2. I just read and comment on the off chance that I might get in somebody's pants one day.

  3. Me and Twills go way back. In fact, I go way back with another Betty that is no longer here. And if you wanted to know more about me, you know where my blog is at.

  4. I heart you all.

    -Twills, who as usual is too lazy to sign in-

  5. @ Jacob Please feel free to link your blog in the comment section, and Twills and I will be putting a link to your blog on our blog roll on our first page.

  6. You got it!

  7. What's the point of being a creepy stalker if you're not anonymous? It kinda takes the edge off the whole enterprise. Plus I had to take my hands out of my pants to type this, which is annoying. But your abusive browbeating & guilt-tripping has successfully tapped into my ex-Catholic ghost limb. So thanks for that.

  8. *gasp* A lurker has come out of the Betty Closet!!! Welcome to the club. Stay a while.


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