Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to our blog.

There are three of us that you may recognise from our own blogs, or our comments on the blogs of others.

We are starting this page to have three funny women blogging about whatever they want. Two Mums, and me, the one with the barren uterus *sigh.*

We love readers, followers, blog stalkers and repeat commenters.

Please feel free to to include any or all of those in your day.

We'll all write you a little bio filled with fake names, personal info and the cities that we live in, because although we like blog stalkers, we do not care for those that manage to track us down and shoot or stab us.

That is not the point of the blog.

We're just here to amuse ourselves and you, and have some fun blogging again. No super serious stuff here folks, we all have separate blogs for our pity pots.

Hopefully you will find us as funny as we find each other, and will share us with your friends.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lori thank you for such a wonderful introduction...Im feeling the pressure to be funny....Or perhaps its gas Im feeling....~Brandie

  2. It's gas. I'm only funny 75% of the time. Really.


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