Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Big Reveal

This is Twills, aka Soccer Milf, aka Twillsberg, aka House Milf Extraordinaire. I'm one of the co-bloggers here on "One For the Road". I'm into long walks by the beach in the moonlight, candlelit dinners and...

Oh eff that shiz.

I'm a snarky bitch with a twinkle in her eye with a gift for biting sarcasm. The best thing my Mama taught me was how to whither people with just one look, and to never marry your first boyfriend. You will eventually see where that got me.

I am a Canadian mother of three boys who started blogging to ease the boredom but who now does it to stay sane. My favourite things are shoes, the Buddha, tattoos, cupcakes, my bicycle and quite possibly Lady Gaga. (Ooh la la)

I hope that you will bear with us while we sort out our kinks (because we're kinky) in this blog and bear with us while we strive to hit our stride and get things moving up in here.

That's all,



  1. Boy, have I got something for you....


    Two of your favorite people in one clip!

  2. Oh believe, this video is what I watch when I want to go to my happy place. It makes me want to do jumpy-claps!!!

  3. I want to know where to buy Ga Ga's Bra

  4. Get David to make you one! Is he handy?


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